# 99 for October 1995

# 101 for July 1996
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# 99 for October 1995

A Publication of the Solar Energy Society of Canada Inc.
A selection of articles & titles from recent issues of SOL:


Edmonton 5th Canadian PV grid-link
Ontario Hydro buys Texas Instruments PV
Canadair corrals solar’s largest heater
Energy answers
Why does your new solar heating system have such a large storage tank?
What improvements would you make to the design?
Why did you use solar for both space heating and domestic hot water?
Doesn’t conventional wisdom hold, that only the latter can come close to being cost effective?
Queen’s “Quest” places 6th at U.S. solar meet, best ever Canadian finish
Start-up of Iqaluit array launches northern PV program
Quebec energy hearings unearth loads of interest and opinion
Quebec dairy farms take a shine to solar
Super windows represent 66% of savings
Solar piping companies illuminate multi-million dollar natural-light market

# 98 for June 1995

R2000 technologies get world exposure at G-7 Summit
Quebec undertaking comprehensive energy policy review
Ottawa University’s Ralos 2 wins Canadian Solar Challenge
Hint of renewables renaissance from Ottawa Conference in mid-April
Winter PV use enhanced with snow buster
Ontario Hydro’s cottage PV plan put strains on Canadian solar industry
Bioenergy Watch – GM introduces new line of ethanol trucks
Solar swims well in poll full of skeptics
Technology transfer triumphant at Window Innovations ’95 World Window Conference held in Toronto in early June.

# 97 for March 1995

Environmentally hypersensitive accomodation – an R2000 challenge
Budget spares efficiency/alternatives
Windows big winners in Advanced Houses energy analysis
National Energy Code nearing completion
NRCan examining solar aquaculture
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