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# 101 for July 1996

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A selection of articles & titles from recent issues of SOL:

# 101 for July 1996
# 100 for March 1996

Canadian Solar Discovery Challenge fascinates all
PV expidites Mt. Logan research trek
Solar short-shrifted in Quebec energy report
Palm Springs solar conference depicts sun rising on global PV markets
Energy answers on “Moldy Houses: Why they are and why we care”

Why should we be concerned about mold?
Where are molds generally located in houses?
How can one avoid mold in a house?
How much moisture was being released into the houses being studies?
Is moisture in new houses a new concern?

3rd Japan/Canada Workshop Delving deeper into low energy housing
National Energy Code meets Back to Basics
Orillia’s “sustainability” theme brings linkages to SESCI’s 22nd AGM
PV/TEG radically improve radio service
Substantial heating cost reductions kick start ETS technology in time-us electricity markets

EN-R-PAK fits Canadian Tire enviro-pledge
$4 million CIDA project showcases range of crop drying technologies
PV to power aging PCs in African aid
Advanced Houses monitoring turns up some surprises for NRCan planners
# 100 for March 1996:

Sanyo adds PV powered educational display to CN Tower
Canadair engineers take the reins of a very big Solarwall
Martin erases some tax inequities, more to come next year in Federal budget
Fraser Valley solar waterworks project merges photovoltaics and evacuated tubes

Five teams will enter Canadian Solar Discovery Challenge
Hydro’s future distributed-generation seen as prime spheral-solar market
Solar stampede to Edmonton PV house
Ottawa discussing “green power” procurement
Energy answers
What type of insulation did you use in your new home?
How much insulation does your house have?
Why cellulose?

Why do you have so much insulation
Does the insulation work?
Half a decade in the making, Toronto’s Healthy House nearing completion
Affordable energy conservation within reach
Saskatchewan student wins Bolton Scholarship
Solar dealers claim OHT “out of control”
IEA’s utility PV conference leaves everyone feeling the time has come
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