Canadian Renewable Energy Guide

# 107 for September 1998
Solar Energy for Your Home
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Canadian Renewable Energy Guide

Invest in the future
Investigate renewable energy!
This is the guide to what’s been done, who’s doing it, and who can help you do it for yourself.

Renewable energy is the future of energy. Some people want to be there first. Others just want to do the right thing.

When you buy this book you support the Solar Energy Society of Canada, Inc. (SESCI) You also support a sustainable energy future.
Canadian Renewable Energy Guide

“The Guide” is a practical and easy-to-use book designed to educate and inform consumers about Canada’s renewable energy potential and the environmental benefits of going “green” with energy from the sun, wind, water, and earth. This is your made-in-Canada buyers’ guide, with case studies showing how renewable energy technologies can be applied to everyday situations such as homes, cottages, remote and northern sites, transportation, industry agriculture and more. The Guide, written and produced by Canadians, takes the Canadian temperature and weather extremes as a given and a challenge and address the associated concerns very matter of factly and pragmatically.

State-of-the-art Advanced Housing, Zero Energy House Design, Passive Solar Systems, Home Power Systems, Cottage Kits, Transportation, Commercial and Industrial Applications, Remote and Northern Applications and International Applications are all covered in this well illustrated guide. Two comprehensive dealer directories, classified and A-Z, gives the consumer plenty of options when it comes to getting reliable quotes and further information on installation and systems’ design.

The Canadian Renewable Energy Guide is “The Guide” for renewable energy; for learning about energy options and conservation, environmental awareness and protection and real and identifiable cost-savings. It is essential reading for those Canadians who want to benefit from harnessing the sun and implementing a multi-faceted sustainable energy lifestyle.

What is the Renewable Energy Guide?

A catalogue of alternative energy solutions
Solar, Wind, Small Hydro, Biomass & Geothermal
One stop shopping for safe, clean energy
Includes Residential & Industrial Applications
Low Energy Building
Space Heating & Cooling
Water Heating
Grain Drying
Water Pumping
and Others

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Homes

Design, the zero energy house
Passive solar systems
High performance windows
Construction materials & techniques
Heating & cooling the zero energy house
Energy Sources
Heating Equipment – Wood – Burning Appliances
Cooling Systems
Ventilation Equipment
Case Studies:
-The Alberta Sustainable House
– Reno-Demo House, Vancouver
– Mountain Avenue House, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
– Geothermal Energy for R-2000 Retirement Homes
3. Home Power Systems

The Story of a Solar Pioneer
Case Study:
– Wheat Farm Wind Turbine Power System, Trochu, Alberta
Designing a Home Power System
Cottage kits
Case Studies:
– Kitto Residence
– Camp Queen Elizabeth
Pine Lane Farm Goes Solar
Using Photovoltaics on Boats & RV
4. Transportation

Across the Country on One Tank of Gas?
Alternative Transportation Fuel
5. Commercial and Industrial Applications

Electric Utilities
Case Studies:
– Williams Lake Generating Station, Williams Lake, BC
– Grid Connected Wind Farm, Pincher Creek, Alberta
– Grid Connected PV, Iqualuit, NWT
– PV Demand-Side Management System, Edmonton, Alberta
Grid-Connected Photovoltaics
Waste and Water Treatment
Case Studies:
– Newmarket Composting Plant, Newmarket, Ontario
-The Body Shop Sewage Treatment Plant, Toronto, Ontario
Space and Water Heating
Solar Air Heating for Industrial Applications
Case Studies:
– Solarwall® on Bombardier Factory, Valcourt, Québec
– Solarwall® at Acier CMP, Pointe Claire, Québec
– Solar Lumber Kiln, Canadian Prarie Provinces
Solar Water Heating for Industrial Applications
Case Studies:
– Landmark Condominium, Kingston, Ontario
Pool Heating for Industrial Applications
Case Studies:
– Solar Pool Heating at Bingeman Park, Kitchener, Ontario
– Process Water Heating at E.D. Smith, Winona, Ontario
6. Agricultural and Aquaculture Applications

Case Studies:
– PV Water Pumping, Barrhead, Alberta
– Solar Grain Dryer, Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan
– Grove Wood Heat Inc., Little York, Prince Edward Island
Case Studies:
– Aquafarms, Feversham, Ontario
7. Remote/Northern Applications

Remote Electrical Power
Case Studies:
– Cathodic Protection System, Sundre, Alberta
– PV/Wind/Generator Hybrid, Ellesmere Island, Northwest Territories
– Remote Telecommunications Site, Labrador
– PV Medical Application, Ottawa, Ontario
– Grid Connected Wind Turbine, Cambridge Bay, Northwest Territories
– Grange Ecology Centre, Shelburne, Ontario
– Distress Telephone, Winfield, British Columbia
Hydroelectric Generation
Case Study:
-Microhydro Electric System, Purcell Lodge, British Columbia
8. International Applications

Case Studies:
– Brace Research Institute, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec
– Solar Dryer for Tea, Malabar, Indonesia
– Solar Water Purification, Sarajevo, Bosnia
Photovoltaics in Developing Countries
9. Industry Overviews

Wind Energy in Canada
Biomass Energy in Canada
Independant Hydroelectric Generation in Canada
Geothermal Energy in Canada
Solar Thermal Industry
Electricity from the Sun: A Photovoltaics Industry Overview
10. For more information

On-Line Information
Canadian Supplier Catalogues
11. A-Z Directory

12. Index of Advertisers

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