operates as a non-profit organization, with registered charitable status. is a national organization with seven chapters or affiliates across Canada; in the Maritimes, Quebec, Toronto & Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, B.C.

Our mission

will advance the awareness, understanding and use of solar energy in Canada.


To facilitate exchange of up-to-date scientific and technical information through chapter meetings, public seminars and high quality national conferences;
To provide a resource to various sectors involving energy utilization and related technology;
To disseminate information containing pertinent, reliable, interdisciplinary and technical information;
to encourage innovative concepts and improvements in solar energy applications;

To maintain close working relations with other solar energy societies such as the American Solar Energy Society, and the International Solar Energy Society, as its official Canadian section, and environmental groups (nationally and internationally) on matters of common concerns;
To endorse and encourage local chapters within the boundaries of the Society to exchange information of unique common interest.
What we do

promotes the increased use of solar and other renewable energies in Canada. To promote these goals has developed programs in three broad areas: education, technical development and public policy. Through these programs supports energy conservation, industry, and all forms of renewable energy, such as active and passive solar, photovoltaic, micro hydro, biomass, wind and earth energy.

Educational programs

educational programs stimulate interest and increase awareness of sustainable energy among students at all levels. is a co-sponsor of the Regional Science Fair Awards of the Youth Science Foundation Canada. also awards the Bolton Scholarship to a graduate student at a Canadian university, doing research in the energy conservation and renewable energy fields. is currently developing an annual Solar Youth Day program for elementary schools.

Technical development

actively supports the exchange and application of scientific and technical information through its annual conference, trade shows and exhibits, public seminars, workshops, and tours. The Society has a quarterly publication, Sol. It presents the Sustainable House Award to a homeowner whose house demonstrates energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Public policy

provides information to government and NGOs. Increasingly, , in partnership with other Canadian renewable energy organizations, is presenting briefs, critiques and position papers to government departments in the energy resource, industry, finance and environment sectors.