Choosing the right solar builder can be confusing at times. A solar power system is a 30+ year commitment, therefore it’s critical to choose a firm that will stand behind its work.

This post will go over the most critical elements to consider when selecting an installer so that you can go solar with ease!

Solar Installer Quality

Many local construction firms have shifted to solar without investing the time to become specialists. These businesses are more likely to offer you low-quality equipment and provide crappy installation services.

The second factor to consider is how long the business has been in service. Although this is not always the case, a firm that has been in operation for five years will have deeper knowledge than one that has only been in operation for one year.

Solar Equipment Quality

When purchasing solar system equipment, you want to buy from a manufacturer that will be there to fulfill its promise. Besides the manufacturer’s reputability, a panel’s performance testing conditions rating might also be a useful predictor of equipment quality.

Solar Warranties

Most solar installers include a maintenance warranty in their quote. The industry standard for most solar companies is a five-year warranty. Nonetheless, some will provide up to a twenty-five-year warranty, spanning the whole lifespan of the system.

Total Installation Cost

You should think about the price per watt of the device and installation. This can be calculated by dividing the total costs by the system’s total power output. This step is critical for making accurate comparisons with various estimates and installation providers.