Wednesday, March 08, 2006
 SESCI Annual Conference!

SESCI 2006:

The 31st Annual Conference of the Solar Energy Society of Canada was held jointly at the end of August 2006 with the 1st Conference of the newly formed Solar Buildings Research Network (SBRN). The SBRN brings together top researchers from 10 Canadian Universities to develop the solar-optimized building of the 21st century.

This conference was a great success with over 200 participants attending the main conference sessions and the workshops.

For more information and the latest news about the Solar Buildings Research Network please visit:

  Did You Know:

Every hour, the sun showers the earth with more energy than the world's entire population consumes in a whole year.

There are three main ways to use direct solar energy:


Commercial photovoltaic cells deliver, as electricity, approximately 15% of the solar energy that hits them. Technical improvements are steadily increasing the efficiency and reducing the cost.


Technically simple solar heating panels can deliver, as useable heat, about 80% of the solar energy that hits them. Water, sometimes mixed with anti-freeze, is the usual medium for transferring the heat.


Anyone who has used a clothes line will recognize a good drying day as one with a breeze and low relative humidity. It takes just a small temperature increase to cut the relative humidity of air in half, making all but rainy days good drying days. The required temperature increase is easily accomplished for high volumes of air with technically simple solar collectors.


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