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Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 This is a Dual Cell PERC Module that can give your system…


Utility This Canadian Solar inverter product line is available in three formats: 255 kW, 125…

System Kit

Maple 3 This one is a basic solar system kit from Canadian Solar that includes…

Energy Storage

Energy Station PN: CSES351A6 This is a Canadian Solar all-in-one storage system that is geared…

The Most Common Solar Energy Terms

Solar energy does not have to be complicated or bewildering. If you've been researching solar…

Solar Energy Society’s Provider Directory

The Solar Energy Society's Provider Directory is a tool for the public at large to…

600 Solar Homes
40 Years Solar panels can last
126,902 Installed Microgenerating Capacity (kW)
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Canadian Solar KuPower
Canadian Solar HiHero
Canadian Solar BiHiKu7
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