The solar sector in Canada is expanding rapidly. The country has become one of the world’s leaders in renewable energy generation and innovation, thanks to the efforts of many Canadian renewable energy enterprises.

This article will discuss the best solar providers in Canada.

1. Innergex

Innergex Inc is a Canadian renewable power firm that has built and managed wind and solar farms all over the world. It is a key international renewable energy producer with a sustainable operation that prioritizes social acceptability, environmental stewardship, and corporate profitability.

2. 3G Energy

3G energy, founded in 2001, is one of Canada’s sustainable enterprises that develop renewable energy projects from concept to financing, building, and operation. They specialize in the use of wind and solar technology and serve commercial, institutional, and municipal clients in Canada.

3. Solar Solutions

Solar Solutions is one of Canada’s leading manufacturers and marketers of renewable energy solutions. Aside from that, they develop energy-saving gadgets to help reduce total project costs while also increasing system efficiencies.

4. Nova Sun Power

Nova Sun Power specializes in solar energy generation, solar heating systems, water heaters, and wind turbine installation. This company is committed to making a difference in the community and hopes to make green energy a dependable and efficient solution for anyone who chooses renewable electricity.

5. Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is a renewable electricity company that designs and operates large-scale solar systems. Their modules, inverters, and system solutions are intended for optimal efficiency and production. Also, they can be used for utility, business, or residential applications.

6. Arborus Consulting

Arborus Consulting offers over 30 years of experience in energy monitoring, design planning, and counseling for high-performance buildings. Also, the company has set up solar power generation infrastructures and power storage while collaborating with remote government facilities and community organizations.

7. Bendygo

Bendygo has a solar array installation team that can oversee a solar project from start to finish. Its areas of expertise include specialized solar power construction and installation for corporations, residential structures, and agribusiness. In addition, the company finances, constructs, develops, runs, and manages solar power facilities on land as well as rooftops.