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It is an international group of academic, industrial, and government representatives that focus their common interest in the special challenges of solar technology at high latitudes and cold climates, by organising biannual North Sun conferences.It is an international group of academic, industrial, and government representatives that focus their common interest in the special challenges of solar technology at high latitudes and cold climates, by organising biannual North Sun conferences.

Since 1984, delegates to North Sun conferences have come from all over the high latitudes of the northern and southern hemispheres. These conferences facilitate effective dialogue, key contacts, and networking between:- researchers- designers- developers- contractors – manufacturers- utilities- financiers- governments – sociologists- educators- communities- users- researchers – manufacturers – sociologists – designers – utilities – educators – developers – financiers – communities – contractors – governments – users

Many challenges are facing the world as we head to the year 2000: global-warming, sustainable development, and the growing public desire for green energy. Global renewable energy industries are rapidly expanding. How do we make the transition to renewable energy? What are the critical steps? Where do we find the opportunities?

North Sun ’99 provides the forum to share the vision, opportunities, challenges, adaptations, solutions, applications and commercialisation of solar and other renewable energy technologies at high latitudes or cold climates.

This refreshing three-day conference will include:
Keynote plenary addresses by leading international business, economic and technical speakers.Oral and poster presentations of technical papers with full proceedings distributed at the conference.Panel discussions, technical workshops.Exhibition and trade show of commercial solar products and services.Tours of significant projects.Warm hospitable social program.Public outreach and awareness program.We are pleased to confirm Peter Beadle, President, BP Solar Inc. as a keynote speaker.

North Sun ’99 “1999’s major high latitude event in the solar sector” combined with the beauty of a warm, green summer in Edmonton, western Canadian hospitality, long daylight hours, and northern lights promise to make this conference an outstanding success for you and your colleagues. The Conference will be held at Edmonton’s advanced Shaw Conference Centre, located in the heart of downtown, and earth-integrated into the bank of the beautiful green North Saskatchewan River valley. Edmonton is easily reached directly or via flights through Toronto, Vancouver or Calgary. Please see for visitor information.
Please pass this on to a colleague who might also wish to attend. Please see Call for Papers below.
SPONSORS: Current sponsors of North Sun ’99 include the Solar Energy Society of Canada, Inc. (SESCI) and EPCOR Utilities. The volunteer conference organising committee includes members from EPCOR, Howell Mayhew Engineering, the University of Alberta, Alberta R 2000 Program, Vision Quest Windelectric, St. Albert Gazette, Natural Resources Canada, Alberta Power, and the Northern Alberta Chapter of SESCI.

The key areas for implementing society’s transition towards renewable energy are technology, policies, and environmental and social motivators. This conference not only covers recent advances and achievements made in cutting-edge scientific, engineering, and architectural technologies, but also seeks papers on the methods of transition: How do we move society into a sustainable way of thinking? What partnerships are needed to develop renewables? How do we integrate renewable energy into traditional technologies?

Papers are invited on the following Topics. Emphasis is given to solutions or applications which originate from high latitudes or cold climates.
An excellent set of North Sun ’99 Conference Proceedings containing individual papers of high standard will be distributed at the conference.
AS1 Active Solar SystemsAS2 Solar CollectorsAS3 Annual Storage SystemsPS1 Passive SolarPS2 DaylightingPS3 Energy Efficient WindowsPS4 Low Energy BuildingsPS5 Thermal StoragePV1 Photovoltaic SystemsPV2 Electrical StorageMS1 BiomassMS2 WindMS3 Small Head HydroMS4 Earth EnergyMS5 MaterialsMS6 Simulation and Analytical ToolsMS7 Solar RadiationSP1 Economic Opportunities and BarriersSP2 Environment Issues and Climate ChangeSP3 Market Initiatives and Incentive SchemesSP4 Regulatory Environment, Utility RestructuringSP5 Social ValuesSP6 Public PoliciesSP7 Education Models, Public AwarenessOT OtherINSTRUCTIONS

Either English or French.Full name and address of one author designated for all correspondence with an e-mail address (preferably), phone, or fax number at which the author can readily be contacted.For each co-author: full name, affiliation, address, telephone, fax, and e-mail.Full title of paper. Purpose of the work. Approach. Innovation and relevance. Results. Conclusions.400-600 words long, single spaced, one page maximum. May include two pages of explanatory tables and/or graphics to facilitate reviewer’s assessment.Formatted for A4 paper with 25 mm margins or 8.5 x 11 inch paper with one inch margins.On the upper right hand corner please identify the most relevant Topic from the above list.Acceptance of a paper for an oral or poster session will be based on a review of the abstract by the North Sun ’99 Technical Committee and a panel of experts in each field.Commercial advertising will not be accepted in the papers.Abstracts may be submitted by e-mail (text, or as an attached document in RTF format), fax, or postal mail (submit three copies) to the North Sun ’99 Secretariat at the contact points below.Abstracts due: 1999 March 15Confirmation of Acceptance: 1999 April 19Final Deadline for Papers: 1999 June 8
For more information, please contact us at the North Sun ’99 Secretariat below and indicate the following where appropriate:
Please add my name to the mailing list and send further details.I wish to present a paper and will be submitting an abstract for review.Please send us information on exhibiting at the North Sun ’99 exhibition and trade show.Please provide your: