Canadian Solar KuPower

Canadian Solar’s KuPower module line offers a wide range of output levels ranging from 200W to 355W. One significant advantage of this module is that it enables one-to-one module replacement, allowing for precise module size matching. Furthermore, it can withstand snow loads of up to 5400 Pa and wind loads of up to 2400 Pa….

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Canadian Solar HiHero

This is an HJT Cell Module with a maximum efficiency of 22.5%, allowing you to maximize your roof area. It also has a higher temperature coefficient of -0.26%/°C, making it a better choice for use in hot climates. Furthermore, this double glass module includes a 30-year performance warranty, providing you with peace of mind as a user….

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Canadian Solar BiHiKu7

This is a Dual Cell PERC Module that can give your system up to 665 W. Canadian Solar claims that this module will provide consumers with a 25.7% boost in energy output during its lifespan.
This module is compatible with common trackers and inverters, making it a versatile option. Furthermore, the manufacturer equips it with superior hot spot performance as well as improved shading capability….

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